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Yes, you have read that correctly, Evil Eddie and the gang are back. Last year the boys played a show and that’s probably what has ignited the spark for the news that has been released this morning. Celebrating their debut album Breakfast at Fatboys, the boys are going to be touring around Australia throughout March and April. It’s a big tour and as you expect Evil Eddie is excited about getting back on the stage and bringing the party to you!

“Playing some of those old tunes that we haven’t touched for so long is the obvious one but there’s a specific track with the classy title of Piss On Ya that always gets requested at shows but since...


I had the idea the other day to try something a little different. From just one little google around the internet, you can find a stack of different content about some of the world’s biggest and most interesting acts. So that was when i decided to take things a little further in creating content that would expand the mind of readers to the bands that they love. 

That’s when the idea of When I First Heard came to mind. To kick it off, one of the great front-women in Australian music told The Night Vibe about her love for Ray Charles. Since forming in 1994, The Superjesus have become one of the those bands stitched into the fabric of the Oz mu...