The Floor Is Yours

THE FLOOR IS YOURS is a initiative form Alternative Aspect Media to share, connect and inspire by using the experiences from people in the community to create small Audio essays accessible to all and to show the alternative aspects to life people have in.   

We believe everyone has a story: be it an experience or your view of a situation, thoughts, or ideas. You have had to write up an essay, about 500 words and send it to us at this email address: Your essay should have a little bit of you in it, what has shaped you and your views; also, the subject is up to you. Make it compelling, make it sad, make it bring joy, make people think, explain your history and make it about you. Use this essay as you please. Your essay should take about 5 minutes to read at normal pace or if cant reach 5 minutes, a minimum of 3 minutes is your required goal.

We don’t want to lose the wisdom and experience people have and feel, and in this manner it may live on with Alternative Aspect Media. We will Audio record your essay, and publish it on our website. Or, if you are able to record it yourself, send it to us. If you feel strongly about reading your essay yourself; contact us, and we shall attempt to organize a recording session with one of our members. All essays will be free for people to access and listen to on our website.  

Alternative Aspect Media would like to thank Elaine Robb CEO at Encompass Community Service for accepting our invitation to be our inaugural participant in The Floor is Yours Project were people are invited to submit a short written 300 to 500 word life experience , opinion, thought, belief or love of a subject. Each participant can read their own submission or we can organise for one of our AA Media members to read it .The submission is recorded in audio format by the Alternative Aspect crew and posted to our website for everyone to enjoy.