About Us

Alternative Aspect Media was created to provide people with a disability the opportunity to participate and gain employment within the multimedia sector. This will include developing informative videos, websites design, photography, video editing, computer development skills, gaming design and development and a think tank to seed ideas.
Alternative Aspect Media hopes to provide a platform for people with a disability to showcase skills in the IT and media field with a goal to sustain a thriving business. This will be supported through an interactive cooperative and supportive environment, where mentors help to guide in a positive direction. Alternative Access Media will become a sustainable business into the future.

Our Supporters


A social platform created by Alternative Aspect Media.

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The Passion Project

Today we had the pleasure to watch the Passion Project members give presentation on things that they are passionate about. The blog associated to their project, which documents the process from start to finish was a great addition. Each member gave great presentations, with each person giving the audience a feel for their fantastic personalities. From our perspective it was a great experience. Many thanks to Access your Supports for the opportunity to be in the audience.

The next Passion Project commences on the 19th of October for 8 weeks, on Thursday mornings from 10am -12:30pm. 
Anyone who is interested please contact Access Your Supports through Facebook At Access your supports on this link  https://www.facebook.com/accessyoursupports/   or call  on 4222 7479.

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Coming Soon

The Floor Is Yours. A short audio essay /story from people to inform, inspire and educate.  


Story Time . Audio and Video stories Accessible to children to have someone read to them books,  to give children the opportunity to follow the story and learn , all while having fun.